What We Do


BlackPaint is a boutique studio specializing in vibrant, progressive work rooted in cultural intelligence and human connection. Our work always starts with a pencil or paintbrush. Yes, even the commercial stuff. Especially the commercial stuff.

We believe in truth and beauty, and think the combination is killer. Everything we do is grounded by truth-seeking — studying people and culture so that our work has meaning and authority. Then we use art and design to give that knowledge emotional potency. In other words, our left and right brains have serious mutual respect for each other.

You can get quality, professional branding and design lots of places. Clients come to us for exciting, empathetic work that speaks to people in an unconventional and honest way.

Our Services

Powers not available for evil.

No Bullshit Policy

To us, branding is about finding creative and differentiating ways to tell an authentic story. We don’t do manipulation, stereotypes or plays on insecurity. More and more, people are opposed to being marketed to. They — WE — crave raw sincerity. Our researchers study culture and humanity only for the purposes of genuine understanding and connection, never exploitation. The truth is not just the right thing, it’s the interesting thing. And it’s what people connect to.