Only 0.1% of creative agencies are founded by women. WTF?

That’s an especially crazy stat when you consider that women greatly outnumber men in college design programs. It’s our not-so-covert covert mission to increase that number and the disproportionate percentage of people of color working in the industry at large (just 10%) and to help make it safer, more equitable and inclusive. Cool. How?

Ours is truly a field that’s been much slower to progress than most. And that has got to change. Not just for people working in it, but for the millions who consciously and unconsciously absorb its messages everyday.

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“Leaders within agencies pat themselves on the back for baby steps like increasing paid time off for new moms even while female employees make half of what their male colleagues earn. Advertising gets away with these warm and fuzzy gestures in part because it's not being penalized for continuing with the status quo. Women who start agencies can change that. We need more of them. By definition, women who start agencies are iconoclasts. We're doing something radically different than the industry standard. Brands should be clamoring for agencies like ours, which aren't tied down by a traditional shop's bureaucracy and politics.” — Mira Kaddoura