Not Your Mother’s Creative Studio*

BlackPaint is the independent art and design studio of creative duo Katie Mullen and Jordan Pintar. We do vibrant, progressive work for people, brands and causes we really like.

Truth & Beauty

A Deadly Combination

We’re interested in truth and beauty. It’s what moves people. It’s what we stand for. It’s how we work. Every project starts with truth-seeking — studying people and culture so that our work has meaning and authority. Then we use art and design to give that knowledge emotional potency. You can get quality, professional branding and design lots of places. Exciting, empathetic work is a whole other thing. More >

*Right, because she probably doesn't run one. That’s not a dig at your mom (she’s very likely a lovely lady), it’s a dig at the staggering fact that women represent only 11% of all creative directors in our industry. Our covert mission is to increase that number. By a shit ton.